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How To Boost Website Speed In Custom Website Development

Whether you’re in the process of custom website development or already have a website, you must learn techniques to improve its loading speed and performance. We’re here to provide you with key strategies to help you tackle this issue effectively.

According to a recent study, viewers don’t want to wait on websites that take longer than 2 seconds to load. Thus, you must look for techniques and tools to boost your website’s loading speed in this fast-paced digital era.

A slow website is not just a minor inconvenience; it’s a potential business killer. Every second your site takes to load could mean losing a potential customer. Firms must address these issues before they become major problems.

Ending your curiosity here! Let’s move on to our major agenda today: How to boost website speed in custom website development.

Begin With Testing Website Speed In Custom Website Development

Before you know the key practices or methods for boosting your custom website, you need to test its loading speed so you will know which areas to focus on.

Many tools are used to assess various website issues, but here, we will focus on the ones you can utilize to test your custom website’s loading speed.

Here are 3 tools that you can employ to check your website loading speed:

1- Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

Best for: Analyzing web page speed

Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a free website speed-checking tool. With this tool, you can evaluate your web page’s performance on mobile as well as desktop.

You will get a score between 0 and 100, with higher scores indicating better speed and efficiency. PSI can also help you identify areas for improvement and suggest ways to optimize a page’s user experience.

2- GT-Metrix (Free And Paid Plans)

Best for: Providing an evaluation of website speed and performance

GTmetrix is a popular free web tool that evaluates website performance and loading speed. You can employ this tool to test how fast your website performs and how you can improve it. You can analyze your website’s speed, size, and requests, and the tool will generate a score with recommendations for improvement.

3- Pingdom Website Speed Test (Free And Paid Plans)

Best for: Monitor website performance

Another well-known and reliable tool, Pingdom, helps you constantly monitor your website speed. Once you enter your website’s URL, it will provide insights about your website performance, including page load time, website page size, and the amount of HTTP requests made.

The tool will also show you a graded performance that will let you know areas for improvement, like loading blockades. Moreover, you will get a list of suggestions to improve your website performance.

Now that you know which areas to focus on, let’s explore each aspect that will help you, web developers or owners, and how to boost your custom website development.

5 Ways To Boost Website Speed In Custom Website Development

Custom website development gives you more control over the website speed optimization than pre-build templates.

Here are some key areas to focus on during website development to achieve faster load times:

Optimization Of Assets

Firstly, you need to optimize your website images to increase efficiency and improve your website’s loading times. Larger images take up a lot of bandwidth of a webpage, resulting in slow loading times.

i) Image Optimization

Larger images take up a lot of bandwidth of a webpage, resulting in slower loading times.

Thus, for optimizing images, you need to:

  • Compress images using Smush or TinyPNG without worsening the image quality.
  • Resize images to the sizes advised in the platform.
  • Try using next-gen image formats such as WebP, which your browser supports.
  • Implement lazy loading so the content above the fold loads quickly.

ii) Code Minification

Reducing source code size can easily minimize bandwidth usage and loading times without affecting functionality. Moreover, code minification is especially useful for mobile websites with slower connections.

  • You must minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to remove unwanted characters and white spaces.
  • Incorporate CSS and JavaScript files into fewer ones to lessen HTTP requests a browser needs to take to load a page.
  • You can also consider utilizing a Content Delivery Network CDN to deliver assets from geographically distributed areas near end users quickly.

Server Side Optimization

Server-side Optimization helps optimize the website by improving data processing efficiency to increase server speed and functionality.

  1. Choose a trustworthy Web hosting Provider.
  2. Enable Gzip compression to reduce the sizes of files before sending them to the browser.
  3. Optimize database queries to retrieve information quickly.
  4. Use browser cache to store frequently accessed files locally, reducing server load on following visits.

Restrict Redirect Usage

If your website has many redirects, it’s no wonder it’s slow. Excessive redirects result in many HTTP requests, resulting in slower website loading. Thus, website owners should provide clear guidelines on using redirects and frequently scan web pages for unnecessary redirects.

4- Avoid Having Too Many Plugins

Band owners often install and use these plugins for fun without the need to code everything. Although the method is extremely convenient, it affects optimization.

You can tackle these issues by going through all the installed plugins and uninstalling the ones you don’t need, or you can replace them with a better alternative. Once you have figured out which ones you don’t necessarily need, delete and uninstall them from their wordpress installation.

5- Consider A Mobile-First Code Approach

A mobile-first code approach will help you have a website that loads faster and is user-friendly across all devices. Starting with the smallest screen in mind will lead you to write fewer codes and smaller file sizes, which will significantly increase the website’s loading time.

Moreover, it is a good option for increasing user experience by creating a smoother, more engaging, optimized layout.

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Custom website development allows more control over website speed. You can use various free and paid tools to test your website speed and get a precise list of areas of improvement so that you can focus on those specific areas when solving the issues. You can use methods like optimizing assets, server-side optimization, a mobile-first approach, and many others to boost your website’s page speed.

Moreover, you can depend on digital technology solutions like Soft Tech Cube, which has an exceptional web developer Brampton team, who will provide you with a website with optimal performance.

Implementing these methods will ensure that you retain your audience and that your webpage remains visible, providing a positive user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to increase the performance of the website?

Its performance is essential for any custom website development to keep the users engaged. There are several ways you can increase the performance of the website speed:

  1. Optimize images
  2. Serve-side optimization
  3. Restrict redirect usages
  4. Avoid having too many plugins
  5. Consider a mobile-first code approach

How can I increase the rpm of my website?

Every website owner wants to know how much page revenue they can generate from the specific pages. You can increase the page revenue by:

  1. Enhancing content quality
  2. Boost site speed
  3. Increase ads viewability
  4. Optimizes the website
  5. Utilize header bidding

By focusing on these core methods, you can increase your rpm and generate a good return.

What is website speed optimization?

Website optimization is changing your website to increase its loading time and display. The optimal speed of the website depends on factors such as the type of content, users’ expectations, and the web hosting provider. It is recommended that the website page be loaded in 2-6 seconds when you click to enter.

How does studying website analytics allow a company to perform better?

Studying website analytics is like having a mirror of your website’s performance. By comprehending how visitors interact with your site, you can make decisions that improve it, ultimately contributing to your company’s success.

Can web developers do SEO?

Web developers play an important role in technical SEO, but they don’t have to have expertise in SEO. They just need to understand the principles of SEO using a website.

If you are confused about getting website developers for small businesses for SEO services, you can opt for digital solutions that offer many services, such as customs website service or b2b ecommerce website development services.

You can also rely on website builders with search engine optimization, such as Ctrify SEO optimized websites created by AI to to get you an SEO-friendly website.

What is a top-level domain for a mobile-optimized website?

For example, if Mark is developing a website to be optimized for smaller screens, such as mobile devices, the top domain he should use is “.mobi.” This is because the .mobi domain is designed for mobile-optimized websites to increase user experience by delivering user-friendly and engaging content.