Softtechcube is a top software-consulting firm that assists companies with their tech needs. Our experts focus on client happiness and are committed to strengthening your business through capable solutions and outstanding support.

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Tanveer Abbas

Managing Director

Naveed Ahmed Khan


Maria Naveed

Managing Director


SoftTechCube, a leading Toronto-based IT company, is a beacon of innovation and brilliance in the tech industry. With a rich portfolio of numerous completed projects and satisfied clients, the company has earned its reputation for delivering top-notch IT solutions. SoftTechCube has consistently delivered solutions that drive business growth and success, from startups to established enterprises.

At SoftTechCube, we offer a comprehensive range of services catering to our clients’ diverse needs. From custom software development to web and mobile app solutions, our skilled professionals are committed to turning ideas into reality. Our agile approach and cutting-edge technologies ensure we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our Mission

We strive to be a catalyst for our client’s success by delivering customized and scalable technology solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our Vision

We aspire to shape the future of digital experiences by staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, building partnerships, and contributing to the growth and success of businesses worldwide.

Our Brand Promises

We strive to understand our client’s unique challenges and goals and provide them with cutting-edge technologies and strategic insights that drive business growth. Our foundation is based on transparency, integrity, and commitment.

Our Goals

The primary goal of SoftTechCube is to exceed client expectations by delivering scalable, and innovative IT solutions.

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Our Process

SoftTechCube is a leading project development company that focuses on delivering top-notch solutions. Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident in our meticulous approach to project development, including thorough feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement, comprehensive documentation, and robust front-end and back-end systems.


Feasibility Study

SoftTechCube initiates the project journey with a comprehensive feasibility study, evaluating technical and operational aspects to ensure the project's potential success.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis

SoftTechCube engages stakeholders actively, gathering project requirements and conducting a meta-analysis to define a clear option that guides the development process.


Requirement Specification

Our experts document detailed User requirements, specifications, and functionalities, ensuring an alignment with the client's vision for a successful project outcome.


UI/UX Designing

Our UI\UX designer kicks off the design phase by constructing visually appealing user interfaces and prioritizing seamless user experiences through user-centric design.


Frontend Development

SoftTechCube transforms UI\UX design concepts into reality, implementing reactive and dynamic front-end development that enhances user interaction and satisfaction.


Backend Development

Backend developers of SoftTechCube focus on building robust Backend systems ensuring effective data processing and overall functionality for a fruitful project foundation



SoftTechCube carefully tests the developed software using various methodologies, including Speed tests, and Typing tests to identify and address bugs to guarantee reliability.



SoftTechCube organizes a successful launch of the Project, deploying the finalized product into the production environment and making it accessible to the target audience.


Maintenance and Support

The Experts of SoftTechCube provide Application maintenance and support, addressing issues, employing improvements, and ensuring long-term stability and performance.